What type of therapy can Coastal Veterinary Dermatology & Ear Clinic help me with?

Environmental allergies are one of the most common conditions affecting the skin and ears of both dogs and cats. While environmental allergies are one of several conditions that we manage at Coastal Veterinary Dermatology & Ear Clinic, there are many other conditions that we specialize in treating.

Ear infections

Skin infections

Skin conditions

Ear infections can lead to serious, long-term complications if not treated swiftly and appropriately. This includes progression of the infection to the middle ear, loss of hearing, and end-stage ear disease. These can be prevented with proper therapy.
Veterinary medicine has seen a sharp increase in the number of methicillin-resistant bacterial skin infections. A culture and sensitivty may help in determining which antibiotic would be beneficial, along with aggressive topical therapy.
There are a multitude of skin conditions that may be of autoimmune or neoplastic origin. It is important for the comfort and wellbeing of the patient that a diagnosis be achieved accurately and swiftly so that proper treatment may begin as soon as possible.
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Intradermal allergy testing and immunotherapy

Intradermal allergy testing represents a means of helping to determine which allergens in the environment may be lending to your pet's allergies. Patients are first sedated and then a series of very superficial injections are performed. This helps us to select those allergens to include in allergen-specific immunotherapy. This therapy may allow for good to excellent control of allergies in a majority of patients without the repeated use of oral and/or injectable medications that may be harmful long term.

Anesthetic ear procedures and video otoscopy

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Anesthetic ear procedures are performed to evaluate the external ear canals, the ear drum, and the status of the middle ear. This is particularly useful for patients with resistant ear infections, chronic ear disease, and/or with masses along the ear canals. The patients are under general anesthesia while this is performed which allows for visualization with the video otoscopy unit. Tools can also be passed through the video otoscope so that the ear can be cleaned out or so that masses can be removed for biopsy.
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Lesion biopsy and dermatohistopathology

A biopsy of a lesion may be warranted to obtain an accurate diagnosis in some cases. There are several skin conditions that can clinically mimic each other. Additionally, lesions may not be a typical representation of the underlying issue. A biopsy may be performed under sedation so that the tissue can be submitted for analysis. The sample will be reviewed by a board-certified pathologist, as well as Dr. Rossi so that a clinical correlation may be achieved.